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If you looking for a Professional Wedding Photographer in Edinburgh who can capture the emotional essence of your Wedding Day then choose Our Dream Photography. My name is Lee Live and I’m dedicated to making your Wedding Photography dreams a reality. I am an Edinburgh-based Wedding Photographer and specialise in telling the story of your wedding in a candid and discreet manner. My style of Wedding photography is known as documentary, or reportage, but I can also stage groups shots and poses where needed.  I love using off-camera flash lights to add depth to my images. I also set-up studio lights to give images that fashion shoot type of effect.

  • Diana
  • Dradley and Diana
  • Claire and Gemma
  • Claire and Gemma
  • Claire and Gemma
  • Claire and Gemma
  • Claire and Gemma
  • Claire and Gemma
  • Elaine and Richard

All of your Wedding Photographs will be professionally edited in Lightroom and uploaded to my Client Image Gallery for you to download for free from within a gallery (can be password protected) within 3 working days. From there you’ll also be able purchase high-quality prints and albums at very reasonable prices.

Highlights from Allison and Euans WEdding at Archerfield House:

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Book Our Dream Photography - The Wedding Photographer in Edinburgh who really cares about quality and customer service. 

I'll tell you want I want... want I really, really want.. 

Before it disappeared forever the Scottish Wedding Directory Magazine asked it's readers what they most look for in a Wedding Photographer. 
Here are some of their answers. I think you'll agree that I meet these needs perfectly. 

We want a Wedding photographer in Edinburgh who is unique and gives us happy clear images that are soft and romantic images. We will book the person based on their friendliness and how good a reputation they have in Scotland. We both hate posing for photos so it was important for us that our Wedding photographer doesn't get couples to do any cringe-worthy poses, as they seemed to be quite common when I was researching wedding photographers. It is important that the Wedding photographer has a simple and natural approach, and does a limited amount of staged pictures. The Wedding Photographer needs to be natural an unobtrusive. We want Wedding photographs that are quirky, contemporary, experimental and artistic with a natural look. So definitely natural and not get our guests to pull tacky poses. They must have a nice personality. Lee Live, We want our dream photography. Have good pictures in a style I like. Have versatility. Be relaxed and have a casual style so that nothing is staged. I want the Wedding photographer to be reporting the wedding as it happens and not have posed photographs. Before booking I want to see a large body of work of a Wedding Photographer from Edinburgh. Their style has to not be cliched. The Wedding photographs must have good framing and subject positioning, good lighting, style and quality.  We want lee live. Edinburgh, The photographer has to be someone we feel comfortable with and someone who blends in with wedding guests. I like knowing that the images will be returned quickly. The Wedding Photographer must create natural, beautiful, with meaningful photos, but more important is that we get along. Of course their reputation and cost are a big factor. We want natural and artistic images - not too many posed photos. The overall price and options for packages are a factor in our decision. We want Wedding photos that are different and arty.  A Wedding photographer that understands our needs. Mainly providing relaxed and unposed Wedding images. Their style fits with my needs. Lee Live and Our Dream Photography, I want a relaxed and natural feel to images. Someone who doesn’t just do the traditional posed Wedding photos, someone quirky and who fits our personality. Low in price yet quality workmanship. Someone we know would be good for a personal service. I want my Wedding photographer to capture the moments of the day rather than posed shots. It is critical that we get on well. We want to see creativity and natural Wedding Photographs... not posed.  Clarity and quality of long and up-close shots That the Wedding photographer evidently knows the venue very well (i.e. their website shows several different photo shoots take at the Wedding venue). A good relationship with them good quality pictures A good reputation. Our Dream Photography, Price. The Wedding photographer is easy to work with, not too intrusive and can really capture the story of our Big Day.  Our Dream Photographer, A Wedding Photographer that we feel comfortable in front of... someone who'll tell us what to do but make us feel at ease. Someone who has been at our Wedding venue before so will know all the picturesque locations to get photos. Someone who's reliable and we can trust won't let us down. Wedding photographs that don't take over the day and take hours! Good relationship with the Wedding photographer, sharing the same views on style. Our Dream Photography, Previous examples of work in Edinburgh. Alternative, more artistic style. Good, clear images. Not too much obvious photo-shopping, not extortionate, friendly, good with kids. Has talent, expertise, likeability and reputation. A Wedding Photographer that can capture the atmosphere and special moments,  A Wedding Photographer that can work with all lighting, good at capturing natural and planned photos. Not posed Wedding photos. Can give us quick access to Wedding photos after our Big Day. Someone who can capture moments rather than record staged ones. The Edinburgh Wedding Photographer. 

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